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About the Travel (Guy)des

The Travel (Guy)des podcast is a travel lifestyle podcast dedicated to making travel easy for everyday people through interviews and travel tips. The podcast hosts are Just GQ (@GQ50) and International P (@Yessur07). 


After graduating college and experiencing the real world, Just GQ and International P fell in love with living life beyond the border, adopting a goal to visit a new country annually. 


While enjoying each international excursion, they made new friends, experienced different cultures and discovered various travel hacks along the way. Upon returning from each trip, friends, family, and colleagues would ask about their overall experience and associated costs. Eager to encourage more peers to travel and share some thoughtful insight, this evolved into the creation of The Travel (Guy)des podcast.   


Collectively, they've visited over 40 US States, over 40 unique countries, and 6 of the 7 continents. 


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